Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Zaheer

Assistant Professor

Department Of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Dr. Muhammad Zaheer earned his M.Phil degree from Quaid-i-Azam University. In 2009, he was awarded with HEC Overseas Scholarship for PhD studies in Germany. He completed his degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rhett Kempe from the University of Bayrueth. During his PhD, he worked on the development of robust heterogeneous catalysts for sustainable chemistry applications including biomass tranformation into fuels and chemicals.

Dr. Zaheer has got published papers in the scientific journals of high impact like Chemical Society Reviews and Chemistry of Materials. He was a post doctoral fellow at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bayreuth before joining LUMS as an assistant professor.

His research interests include the development of heterogeneous catalysts for the conversion of biomass to obtain fuels/chemicals, renewable energy generation/storage and green chemistry.

Title Publication Author Year
One-Pot Synthesis of Heterobimetallic Metal???Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Multifunctional Catalysis Chemistry - A European Journal Iqbal B., Saleem M., Arshad S.N., Rashid J., Hussain N., Zaheer M. 2019
A Facile Synthesis of FeCo Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Hierarchical N-Doped Carbon Nanotube/Nanofiber Hybrids for Overall Water Splitting ChemCatChem Aftab F., Duran H., Kirchhoff K., Zaheer M., Iqbal B., Saleem M., Arshad S.N. 2019
g-C3N4/CeO2/Fe3O4 Ternary Composite as an Efficient Bifunctional Catalyst for Overall Water Splitting ChemCatChem Rashid J., Parveen N., Haq T.U., Iqbal A., Talib S.H., Awan S.U., Hussain N., Zaheer M. 2018
Nitrogen-doped mesoporous SiC materials with catalytically active cobalt nanoparticles for the efficient and selective hydrogenation of nitroarenes Scientific Reports Eckardt M., Zaheer M., Kempe R. 2018
One-pot synthesis of graphene- cobalt hydroxide composite nanosheets (Co/G NSs) for electrocatalytic water oxidation Scientific Reports Mehmood R., Tariq N., Zaheer M., Bibi F., Iqbal Z. 2018
Photovoltage reversal in organic optoelectronic devices with insulator-semiconductor interfaces Materials Hu L., Jin W., Feng R., Zaheer M., Nie Q., Chen G., Qiu Z.-J., Cong C., Liu R. 2018
Direct laser writing of vertical junctions in graphene oxide films for broad spectral position-sensitive detectors Nanophotonics Feng R., Hu L., Zhang Y., Zaheer M., Qiu Z.-J., Cong C., Nie Q., Qin Y., Liu R. 2018
Direct laser writing of vertical junctions in graphene oxide films for broad spectral position-sensitive detectors Nanophotonics Feng R., Hu L., Zhang Y., Zaheer M., Qiu Z.-J., Cong C., Nie Q., Qin Y., Liu R. 2018
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Mesoporous silica nanosphere supported platinum nanoparticles (Pt@MSN): One-pot synthesis and catalytic hydrogen generation RSC Advances Irum M., Zaheer M., Friedrich M., Kempe R. 2016
Robustly supported rhodium nanoclusters: Synthesis and application in selective hydrogenation of lignin derived phenolic compounds New Journal of Chemistry Fehn S., Zaheer M., Denner C.E., Friedrich M., Kempe R. 2016
Micro-/Mesoporous Platinum???SiCN Nanocomposite Catalysts (Pt@SiCN): From Design to Catalytic Applications Chemistry - A European Journal Sachau S.M., Zaheer M., Lale A., Friedrich M., Denner C.E., Demirci U.B., Bernard S., Motz G., Kempe R. 2016
Catalytic hydrogenolysis of aryl ethers: A key step in lignin valorization to valuable chemicals ACS Catalysis Zaheer M., Kempe R. 2015
Robust heterogeneous nickel catalysts with tailored porosity for the selective hydrogenolysis of aryl ethers ChemCatChem Zaheer M., Hermannsdorfer J., Kretschmer W.P., Motz G., Kempe R. 2014
Robust microporous monoliths with integrated catalytically active metal sites investigated by hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR Chemistry of Materials Zaheer M., Keenan C.D., Hermannsdorfer J., Roessler E., Motz G., Senker J., Kempe R. 2012
Polymer derived non-oxide ceramics modified with late transition metals Chemical Society Reviews Zaheer M., Schmalz T., Motz G., Kempe R. 2012
The generation of palladium silicide nanoalloy particles in a SiCN matrix and their catalytic applications Journal of Materials Chemistry Zaheer M., Motz G., Kempe R. 2011
Synthesis, characterization, electrochemistry and evaluation of biological activities of some ferrocenyl Schiff bases Applied Organometallic Chemistry Zaheer M., Shah A., Akhter Z., Qureshi R., Mirza B., Tauseef M., Bolte M. 2011
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N-(3-Nitro-benzyl-idene)aniline Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online Zaheer M., Akhter Z., Bolte M., Siddiqi H.M. 2008